Experience many events & opportunities. Grow to be a confident young adult where everyone is viewed and treated as a star!

Crystal Raptelis

Arthur Murray Show Dance Events 

Niantic Sep 2012 – First Place Solo 

Arthur Murray Dance-O-Rama Events 

Las Vegas Oct 2012 – Salsa, Hustle 

New York Mar 2012 – Open Rhythm and Salsa 

Boston Feb 2012 – Future Champions (5th place) and Open Rhythm Washington DC Dec 2011 – Open Rhythm 

Arthur Murray Mystic Showcase April 2011 

Third Place Show dance division 

Mystic Showcase September 2011 

Second Place Show dance division

Choreographed & Directed for CHAYLife Clothing commercial 2020

Judged Indias Biggest virtual dance competition 2020 Leaps on Beats, India

Choreographed a scene for TLC series 90 day fiance, Darcey Silva 2020

Choreographed a performance for artist Tegan Marie summer tour 2019 

Choreographed & Directed production “ Life Must Go On “ at the Wadsworth Theater, Over 200 people 

Director for Dance Convention “HartBeats Dance Convention” out of Hartford

Dance Coach for Ellington High School 

Choreographed for solo auditions for NFL cheerleaders 

Choreographed for Fox meteorologist Rachel Frank Wedding Dance 

Choreographed for Former Miss USA Erin Brady 

Wedding Dance and Bridal Party ( Over 4,00 views on YouTube in 1 day )

Vocals with Greek Traditional Bands 

Guest appearances for Fantasia Music and Anemos Entertainment 

Beyonce Back-up dancer Audition 

Call back and Personal interview 

Scott Haney’s Christmas Show 

Choreographer and Dancer Channel 3 Dec 2011 

CT Now Fox Dance Segment – Nov 2011 

MADD About Dancing at Mohegan Sun 

Danced/Choreographed for Kevin Hogan Channel 3 CT – Sep 2011 

Mary Jone’s Dancing with the Stars in CT 

Danced/Choreographed for Kevin Negandi ESPN CT 

Born and Experienced Traditional Greek Dancer 

Attended Pulse Teacher Convention July 2015 & 2016 & 2017 

Worked with Choreographers: Criss Judd, Brian Friedman, Gil Duldulao, Kyle Hanagami, Trisha Miranda, Dave Scott, Tessandra Chavez, Matt Steffanina, Ian Eastwood, Tucker Barkley, Brooke Lipton, Megan Lawson, Kenny Wormald, Dee Caspary, Sheila Barker, Judson Emery, Chris Hale, Matthew Powell, Enrique Rodriguez, Wes Veldink, and Justin Conte. 

Attended Nuvo Teacher Convention 2016 

Worked with Travis Wall, Denise Wall, Ray Leeper, & Will Loftis 

Worked with Ballroom Coaches and Choreographers 2010 – 2014 

Jean Marc (Featured on So You Think You Can Dance) 

Snow Urbin (Featured on So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing with the Stars)

Donovan Dominguez: Ballroom in 8 Dance Style Dance Champion 

RaVaughn Back-up Dancer 2013- Hartford, CT

Wyclef from the Fugees Back-up Dancer 2013 

Arthur Murray Dance Instructor / Wedding dance Specialist / Dance Professional

Arthur Murray Glastonbury CT 2010 – 2012 

School Of Hartford Ballet 

Attended 4 years – Performing Arts, Ballet, Tap, Modern, Bollywood, Point, Character

Bushnell Theater 

Nutcracker, Pop goes to Vegas 

Rocky Hill Town Theater 

Aida, Miss Saigon – Choreographer & Performer 

Hartford Theater 

FAME Choreographer and Performer

Current Student Achievements ( students I have choreographed and taught for ) 

Placed top 3 for Indias Virtual biggest dance competition 2020 

Special judges award for Hall Of Fame Dance Comp. 2020 ( Work award , Performance award , Sassiest award ) 

4th overall for Hip hop for Ellington HighSchool ( First ever placed ) 2020

1st in Hip hop 2014, 2015, & 2016 

1st overall Regionals & Nationals ( Turn It Up ) 2015 & 2016 

Student callbacks for Turn It Up dance team at Nationals 2015 & 2016 

Special judges award ( Flawless award, & Work It award ) 2016 

1st in Duets and Groups 2016 

Teacher award 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 

Overalls in productions , groups , solos, & duets for multiple dance competitions 


Amberry Boutique Swimwear 2020 

Edge Magazine 

Photos appeared in “Angels Among Us” by Marika – Oct 2012 

Time Frozen Production Company 

W Moda 

Modeled clothing line – Ballroom Dresses, Evening Gowns 

Davids Bridal – Runway for Bridal Expos

Since I was a young girl at the age of three I can remember loving to sign and dance. Any chance I got I had to perform for my family and friends. In school I was a cheerleader and my passion become even stronger. While growing up as a teenager I would spend my summers in Greece. I believe my passion for dance and entertainment was largely built from my experiences growing up in the wonderfully rich culture of the Greek islands. In this country everyone is taught to have two strengths. One to provide income for the family and the other to entertain. So naturally dancing, singing, painting, drawing and various other artforms are highly regarded and prevalent. Bringing this love back to my local town of Rocky Hill I set out for my own fate and destiny.

Just like many great performers I experienced both highs and lows along the way. But, I never lost my drive to give back to dance. As dance has done so much to sculpt me over the years. I can recall being accepted to tryouts for the prestigious Juilliard not once but twice and yet still finding a more rewarding career path. I had the pleasure training for and competing in professional ballroom dancing at the highest levels. This chapter in my life taught me discipline, structure, confidence and presence. From here on I realized that I need to channel my abilities into education and thus created my first modest dance studio. Within 1 year I tripled in client size and realized a new larger location would be needed. This was the answer to my true calling. I realized that through teaching of dance I could become a leader. Helping students learn structure in a supportive and stimulating environment. This type of positive stimulation and reinforcement can do wonders for one’s self-esteem motivation and creativity.

Dance Highlights: Beyonce, Wyclef, Ravaughn, Fox, & WFSB.

Taris Clemons
Assistant Manager & Media Coordinator

Anthony Villalobos

Hiphop Instructor



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