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Crystal Raptelis

Since I was a young girl at the age of three I can remember loving to sign and dance. Any chance I got I had to perform for my family and friends. In school I was a cheerleader and my passion become even stronger. While growing up as a teenager I would spend my summers in Greece. I believe my passion for dance and entertainment was largely built from my experiences growing up in the wonderfully rich culture of the Greek islands. In this country everyone is taught to have two strengths. One to provide income for the family and the other to entertain. So naturally dancing, singing, painting, drawing and various other artforms are highly regarded and prevalent. Bringing this love back to my local town of Rocky Hill I set out for my own fate and destiny.

Just like many great performers I experienced both highs and lows along the way. But, I never lost my drive to give back to dance. As dance has done so much to sculpt me over the years. I can recall being accepted to tryouts for the prestigious Juilliard not once but twice and yet still finding a more rewarding career path. I had the pleasure training for and competing in professional ballroom dancing at the highest levels. This chapter in my life taught me discipline, structure, confidence and presence. From here on I realized that I need to channel my abilities into education and thus created my first modest dance studio. Within 1 year I tripled in client size and realized a new larger location would be needed. This was the answer to my true calling. I realized that through teaching of dance I could become a leader. Helping students learn structure in a supportive and stimulating environment. This type of positive stimulation and reinforcement can do wonders for one’s self-esteem motivation and creativity.

Dance Highlights: Beyonce, Wyclef, Ravaughn, Fox, & WFSB.

Lili Bloom

Lili “Bloom” St.Amand is a Hip Hop dancer based out of CT. She has been teaching since the age of 16 and taking Hip Hop since the age of 6.

Lili knew Hip Hop was her passion after taking her first class; it was her mother who encouraged her to try Hip Hop after trying other styles of dance that were fun but didn’t call to her. Lili has been on quite a Hip Hop journey since that first class!

Lili teaches at many different venues and also enjoys traveling to be part of the dance battle scene. Competing and judging at battles has helped Lili connect with other dancers and grow as an artist. In 2017 Lili won World Of Dance NJ Headbangerz Brawl and was asked to return in 2018 to judge the event. In the summer of 2019 Lili was the associate choreographer for Breakdancing Shakespeare on Hartford Stage; she previously participated as an actor and dancer in Breakdancing Shakespeare productions Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet. Lili felt it was an honor to be on the other side of the curtain so she could help give the positive experience to other kids that she had.

Lili has found her passion teaching dance and gets great joy seeing how much it affects the kids she works with. Besides teaching at studios and recreational programs, Lili also teaches at schools. Grace Academy in Hartford is one of the schools she teaches at which offers positive outlets for girls that may not have them available. Being able to provide a creative fun outlet to kids is one of Lili’s biggest missions in life. She strives to give all of her students the best education in Hip Hop by including lessons in the history, vocabulary and as many different styles of Hip Hop as she can. Connecting with her students and learning more about them as individuals is very important to Lili. As a teacher, she feels a strong responsibility to mentor and guide her students and create bonds that will last a lifetime.

Lilly, is thrilled to be collaborating with Ms. Crystal to display her many strengths and talents that she has developed in her previous roles.  Lilly, will be com coming on as our highly anticipated Assistant Director.  Her responsibilities will include but not limited to; teaching, choreography, administrative, support and direction.

Taris Clemons aka PopTart 

Kimberly Brubacher

Liz Pazdziora


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